Why SquarePressed for my WordPress Template?

Why indeed – there are thousands of WordPress templates to choose from out there!

We haven’t added lots of bells and whistles to our web templates because quite simply you probably don’t need this – you need a nicely designed, well coded site that can generate you leads. We’ve combined our 12 years of WordPress experience to devise such templates that won’t break under pressure!

More importantly we’re a little agency in the heart of Gloucestershire – not a faceless American company who once they’ve taken your money don’t really care!

No waiting days or even weeks for support as we are always at the end of a phone.

If you have any issues with the website and can’t work out how to make any changes even after you’ve seen the video we’ve sent you then we will do our best to talk you through it!

Be warned though – having a website and doing nothing with it is doesn’t make great business sense. You’ll need to add content regularly if you want to be found in the search engines – that’s why we use WordPress as a CMS – we want to make it as simple as possible for you to add content to your site on a regular basis. (Don’t worry we’ll show you how!)

We don’t specialise in SEO – it’s a very dark art!  But we can certainly give you free pointers and we’ll send you our FREE SEO tip sheet once your site’s up and running. Oh and Google love the way WordPress is structured so rumour has it they will rank a WordPress site higher than others….